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Ten Miles for the Taper

We have hit the home stretch of this 50k training plan. Today I was supposed to do either a ten mile race or a half marathon. There were no races at either of those distances within a 25 mile radius of me for today. I decided to head out for a ten mile run. Last week after I had yet another flare up of the IT Band issues my buddy suggested I don't run anymore then 10 miles at a time until Ragnar. 

I dropped the kids off at my Mom's and then hit the road running. I was feeling good. I didn't even have a hint of pain in my knee until about mile 8 and even then it was very mild. 

My run today was so peaceful. There was not many other people on the trail but I seen many types of wildlife. This turtle was huge I had to snap a picture of him for my son.

I was feeling extremely grateful during my run. We are so close to race day and I am feeling strong. This training plan seemed so overwhelming at first but now it's such a routine that I'm probably going to miss it and maybe even start it all over again. I have had so many people that have been helping me along the way and I really feel blessed.

The picture above is blurry but worth posting anyway. There was over a dozen white cranes all on this island in the refuge. 

After the run I made sure to do some deep stretching. I also took a little recovery walk while chatting on the phone with Corey. It felt great to get a run in and be bake to my kids by 10 am. 
We went out to lunch after I got myself cleaned up now they are napping.

Time to bake!


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