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Packing on the Protein

I went for a run yesterday on my lunch hour and I felt great. The only thing I did any differently was eat. I have been slacking on my nutrition. Yesterday before my run I had already consumed over 30g of protein and I'm certain that is why i felt so strong. I do not usually watch how much protein I eat because I feel like everyone hyped the shit out of protein and forgot all about the other many foods we need to eat and now I went in the opposite direction.

I need to start keeping a food journal again. When I ran the Blues Cruise 50K in October I was on top of my food and I know that is why I felt great come race day. I have made it a point to drink a protein drink after every run 6 miles or longer. I prefer to use Nutiva Hemp Protein. It is an Organic Superfood that has 15 grams of protein per 3 tablespoon serving. I have never tried it with anything other than water yet and it is not very yummy at all but it is tolerable. I know you may be thinking why drink it if it doesn'…

Running on Empty

Life won't wait. My training along with much of my life right now has been a major struggle. I am going through something that is breaking my heart. It is not as easy to run on a broken heart as I would have imagined. I want to give up on so much but that is just not who I am. I will stick to my training schedule as much as I can. I will try to not beat myself for every mile I miss. At this point in my training I am not confident that I will see that finish line but I'm certain I will give it my very best.

I'm wondering how many other people that were training for their first 50 mile event had this much self doubt? My longest distance that I run at any one time of this schedule is 28 miles followed by a 10 mile run the next day. The more I talk to other people the more I am hearing that the mileage you can run in one weekend is the mileage you can run in one day. I need to trust this schedule. I am not giving it enough credit. Who am I to judge this schedule until race day…