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Its Go Time!

Now is the time when I really need positive thoughts sent my way! I have been training for weeks for this event and it is now only 5 days away. What do you do the week before race day? Running times are short which makes me a little mental. I have started to stalk the weather and its looking like we are going to have a muddy mess of a race day. I am no newbie to mud so I will be fine with that Im just hoping that it wont be raining the whole day while we are running. Im sure the forecast will change a few times from now until Sunday so I need to stop looking at it!
I have been trying to stick to a strict diet for the two weeks leading up to race say. For me diet is big part of how well I perform when I run. I feel great physically.  Mentally I'm a little nutty haha. Work hasn't been extremely busy which leaves me with too much time to think. I know I will be fine but any words of encouragement are always welcome!

Stomach Issues are never fun especially on a run

I set out Saturday to do a 14 mile run. I had the course all mapped out in my head. My pack was stocked with enough water and fruit. My kids were at home with my sister. Everything was in its place.

Or so I thought. Around mile 8 I started to have major stomach issues. This set a bad tone for the rest of my run. I was able to run another few miles but by mile 11 I was just done. I could not force myself to keep running. Since I thought I was running 14 miles that day I had about 3 miles to walk home. If you know me walking is not a strong point. I get really frustrated when I have to walk places because well I'd rather be running. I was thankful that time was still on my side. I had a speaker jam to set up for that day but I did not have to be there until 11.

My 60 minute run the following day was great. I did not eat anything before my run. I did not bring any water I did not bring anything at all in fact and it was lovely. Not all training runs will go as planned. I keep learnin…

T - 24 days =

Oh man oh man oh man. Race day is coming up quick. 24 days may seem like a lot if you are going on vacation or if you are waiting for a large sum of money but when waiting for race day 24 days seems all too soon. I have been training for weeks and weeks for the Blues Cruise 50k. This will be my first official Ultra. My #1 Goal is to finish, there is an 8 hour sweep and know I have trained hard.

Some of my long training runs left me feeling doubtful about race day and others left me feeling confident. I think that is the way it goes when training for any distance event. This race is going to take hours and hours to finish I am prepared for that. My biggest concern is keeping my mind strong during the event. I know my lungs are strong. I know my legs are strong. I know my heart is strong, it is my head that always worries me!

I am still running 5 times a week right now but my mileage is stepping down. This Satruday Im scheduled to run 14 miles and I'm very excited. Next weekend will…

Cross Fit and Long Distance Running

I tried my very first class at Cross Fit Advance last Thursday. These girls at cross fit are no joke. We started out the class with a 500m dash, slice of pie. Then we did a few other warm up stretches. After that they started us with the kettle bells. I have never used a kettle bell before so the coach was very patient with me and helped make a modification for me. The workout felt great but was very challenging. We did the same routine for 6 minutes. When it came time to put the equipment back I immediately felt soreness in my legs that I have not felt before. We continued on with the class. At this time we split in to teams and had 6 different exercises to do. I got paired up with Robin. This chick is bad ass her energy kept me motivated during the routine. We were at each station for 2 minutes and then moved on to the next. Our goal was to see how many times we could do each exercise. I had a lot of fun.

I know I need to start adding some additional work outs to my running routine.…