Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Run Safe

Recently I took a new job so I no longer work in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a beautiful city to run in and for a few years I would run many times a week on my lunch hour. Our office was located right off of the Schuylkill River Trail. I would run right out of our back door down the alley turn the corner on to 24th Street and then pick up the River Trail on Locust Street or via the dog Park if a Train was blocking the trail entrance. The trail is often filled with other runners, walkers and bikers so I typically felt safe there. There were a few incidents with hooligans messing with runners so they started having more of a police presence on the trail and that made everyone feel even safer.

I am now running in West Chester PA. My safety concerns are far different here than they were in the city. The office I am working on now is located on the corner of two major highways. The neighborhoods around the office have no sidewalks so now I’m more afraid of being hit by a texting driver than I am of being mugged. I feel it is always important for us to be aware of our surroundings especially while running. I never wear headphones while running. I always want to be able to hear what is going on in the world around me. I want to hear a dog barking or a car coming up behind me. People always ask me how do I run without headphones but the truth is I actually enjoy the sound of my breath and the sound of my feet hitting the earth and all of the many sounds of nature. It makes me feel more safe not having anything distracting my sense of hearing. I have plenty of other opportunities to jam out so running is my time to reflect more on my movements and my thoughts.

Another tip I always I feel is important for staying safe is to let someone know when you are leaving and when you think you should be back. I know things can change but just give someone a ballpark time range on when you will be back. I typically will text my husband or a girlfriend and tell them when I am running and when Im back and I also let the guys at my office know. When I do long training runs I will actually share my location with someone so they can see where I am if they need to. 

I know there are more safety tips I should be using myself now that I am not longer running on sidewalks or running trails I should be wearing more reflective gear so I’m going to invest in a super cool reflector vest to wear while I run at work on my lunch break. The other day I had a man honking at me all crazy for running down the side of the street. You would have thought he never seen someone running before. It was not a busy street at all but I guess its not common to see runner or even walkers out this way. I got spoiled running in the city.

I started to reach out to people in a running group to get some other suggestions on where to run near my office. Im hoping to be trying some new safer routes soon. Remember to always be aware of your surroundings do your homework. Check out trail maps online before you run use google earth as well. 

Stay safe and stay healthy! 
Run Happy.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

National Women's Health and Fitness Day

If you are like me you are overwhelmed by the number of Nationally recognized days there are. Each day we are recognizing or celebrating something else. Today we are recognizing something that I strive to recognize every day! Women's Health and Fitness Day. Many years ago I decided that I wanted to live the healthiest life style I could live. Health and Fitness became a huge priority to me. Each day I aim to eat healthy real foods and do atleast 20-30 minutes of physical activity.

Typically my workouts for the week right now consist of three 4-6 mile runs plus two 75 minute yoga classes each week. I also include any walking I do to and from work  as physical activity plus and and all house work I do while I am around the house. Housework is certainly physical activity.  Especially when there is a toddler involved that you need to keep up with. When I first made it a goal to get moving I bought an UP Band. If you are not familiar with UP it is an activity tracker designed by Jawbone. I loved it I wore it everywhere. I love tracking how many steps I walked each day and I also loved seeing how much I slept each night. Many people have reported and increase in activity while wearing a fitness tracker so this may be the motivation you need to start a more physically fit life.

I also found it really helpful to invest in some active gear. If you are working out in your husbands old tee-shirts and sweats you are not going to feel like the rock star that you are. Get yourself out to the mall or hop online and find some active wear that you are going to feel comfortable in. Being a long distance runner I know the importance of quality active gear. I know how terribly wrong a workout can go in the wrong sports bra! Get yourself some quality sports bras.

Adore Me has come out with a brand new line of Women's Fitness Clothing. You can view their entire collection here. I am in love with it and it launches on October 2nd. I love finding a new brand of active gear I can feel comfortable in while running or doing yoga. I have tried many different brand and its extremely important to have a tried a true company I can rely on to keep coming out with new high quality active gear without breaking the bank. Yes I want to look good and feel good but no I do not feel comfortable buying a pair of yoga pants for $100. I really like the affordability of the new Adore Me active wear line. Im excited to try it out soon.

What have you found to be your fav running clothes or yoga pants?

If you are in love with this line as much as I am you can use my coupon code GETACTIVE10 to purchase your new workout gear today.


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Healing Arts

I am interested in all things natural and healing to the body. I love learning more about ways to make my body stronger and healthier. I would say the first thing I did to start a healthier lifestyle was running. After running for sometime I wanted to learn how to run more efficiently so I started to research better ways to fuel and what foods to eliminate from my diet.

The results were amazing my body was thrilled. I knew there was more that I could do to strengthen my body and mind. I started to look into ways to reduce my toxic load. I cut out commercial face wash and face lotion for more natural alternatives. I didn't stop there I cut out antiperspirant. I started making all of my own products. It was empowering knowing exactly what I was putting in my body. My goal now is to empower others on how to live their most healthy life! Essential Oils have been a power house for me. The Be Clean Get Well Team is hosting a Fall Educational Series and you will not want to miss these events. Please check out our schedule below.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Trail Runner

I enjoy running on trails so much more than I enjoy running on streets. Don't get me wrong I will run anywhere I can because I love running.  Running in the woods just makes me feel so care free, no cars, less people, beautiful scenery. Last week I had the opportunity to run an event called Quadzilla. It was a 15K trail run and it was a blast. First of all I made it to the start with only minutes to spare. My husband was kind enough to drive to me to the race which was over an hour and twenty minutes from our home and then we someone missed an exit. We were hoping to get there at 7 am and got there at 7:25. Oops. Anyway I did not let that stop me from having a good run. I quickly grabbed my race bib pinned it on my shorts and headed over to the start. Since I got there so late I just lined up and the back of the pack.

There was some walking almost immediately after the race started which is always frustrating but it comes with the territory. Its hard to fit over 350 people on single track trail in the woods when we all start at the same time. I had kind of wished at this point that I was up further at the start but looking back this probably saved me to finish the race feeling as strong as I did. Had I been up front I would have went out much faster and probably fried my legs by mile 4. My legs felt great during the entire event. It was very hot and I was surprised as to how much open trail there was on the course. I was wishing for more shade during a July trail run!

The hills were great. I am by no means an amazing hill runner but I do love a challenge and Quadzilla gave us just that. Im very happy I signed up and Im even more happy that my husband came with me!  The event staff and volunteers were great and I freaking love the shirts we got for signing up. The race was really enjoyable and if you live in Southeastern PA I would recommend you sign up for it next year.

PS check out them calves!!!