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What to eat while training for a run??

If you are in any running groups on social media networks you will often see posts about what food and electrolytes people are using while training. My answer is always to try things out and see what works best for your body! We are all different. I personally like to use SaltStick Caps to replace my electrolytes and I stick to real foods for fuel like clementines and raisins. While I was out on my 20 mile run this weekend I started to crash around mile 20. Next time I run for more then 2 hours I'm making sure I have a protein on me. I will most likely add some pistachios to my raisins. I have used this combo before and I know it works for me. I had not run that distance in some time so I was not thinking about adding a protein. You live you learn.

Eating healthy all the time helps fuel your run. Many of us runners think we can eat whatever we want because we run so much. That is not true. If I eat like crap the day before a long run or even a 6+ mile run I will fee like crap. My …

Hard Ass 20

This weekend I was on a mission to get in my 20 mile run that my training plan had scheduled for me. As many of you know here in PA we are still pretty snow covered so I knew 20 was going to be tricky. I didn't want to risk the chance of injury but running on trails I knew were snow and ice still so I decide to run the Schuylkill Bank Trail. What was I thinking!!!! Don't get me wrong I really do love this trail. However I am not a street runner. Most of my high mile runs take place in the woods and on a much softer course then pavement! I didnt start my run early in the day like I would normally because I was hoping to let the temperatures warm up a bit and I was hoping the snow would melt some of the ice that formed over night.

I started my run around 12:30 at Chestnut Street. I had planned to run 10 out and then 10 back. When I got a short way past the falls bridge I hit lots of snow and ice so i was thinking the remained of the trail would not be clear so I turned back arou…