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Back to Back Long weeks

Weeks 16 & 17 of the training program I have been following were nuts!! The first of the two hard weeks was not as hard as the second. My legs were spent on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday of the Second hard week. On Saturday when I started out my long run it was so much harder than when I started that exact same run the week before.

When I started my 12 mile run on the second Sunday however I felt much better than I did on the 12 the Sunday before it was the strangest thing. I think it was purely mental. I think on Sunday the 17th the 12 was so hard because I knew I had another brutal week ahead of me and then on the 24th the run was much easier because I knew I was starting my taper and that would be the last run over 10 that I had to do until race day.
Training for this race I have not been as mental about my running performance as I was when training for the Blues Cruise 50K. I have been running injury free for months and month now and that really had built my confidence up but…