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Loving the long run!

I have been absent from my page lately but I have not been absent from running. I wanted to make a post about how much fun I had running in Virgina but I couldn't find the time. 
I have been keeping up with my training for the Blues Cruise 50k. I have not hit all of the miles on the long runs yet but I feel confident in my training and I'm certain I will cross that finish line. 
Last week I set out to run 18 miles. I decided to run on Schuykil Bank Trail head out 9 miles then turn back. This run ended up being much harder then I thought it would be. By mile 15 my legs were just spent! Which was a big surprise to me because the week before I ran 15 miles in Freedom Park (Virgina) and felt great. The big difference was the terrain. My legs were happy with the rain soaked trails in VA and were not please when I ran them long and hard on the concrete. 
The shoes I do my long runs in are the Altra Superuor 2.0. I really dig these shoes but they are a trail shoe and last weekend I real…

Running Solo

Saturday morning I wanted to bang out my long run before we left for vacation. I was scheduled to run 16 miles. I knew exactly where I had to run to get the miles done. I started out around 7am and was feeling good but not great. It was already pretty darn hot at 7am. I took a slat stick cap after running for about 30 minutes. I was keeping a good pace of about 8:30 per mile. Once I had been running for 60 minutes I ate my first clementine.
I'm hooked on running with clementines now. So much so that I upset when I realized there were not any at the Food Lion here in Willimasburgh. After my first clementine I was feeling good but not for long. I was sweating a lot so I went to grab a second salt stick cap. They were gone. I knew I had packed 3 or 4 to hold me over for a 16 mile run. At this point I became obsessed with finding them on the ground. I was running a loop so I was pretty determined to find these little treasures. After running for about 3 additional miles feeling like a …