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What is the deal with all the oils?

So as many of you may know I recently made a facebook account after being off of Facebook for several years. Once I joined I started seeing a few of my friends making posts about Essential Oils. Naturally I was interested in what they were posting about because I am always looking for natural remedies and ways to keep myself and my family as healthy as possible.

Last Wednesday I went to an Essential Oils 101 Class. I learned so much about so many uses for these precious little oils. I of course had to make a purchase. I wanted to get everything so instead I settled on the Family Physician Kit plus a bottle of In Tune and a bottle of Clay Calm. The Physician Kit includes 5ml bottles of Lavender, Lemon. Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Breath, On Guard, Digest Zen, Deep Blue plus a 15ml bottle of Slim & Sassy. I wanted to get the Home Essential Kit but I was afraid my husband would kill me if I got that plus two other bottles all at once.

I have so many plans for these …

Oh how I missed Wissahickon Trails

Saturday I had the opportunity to log a few miles on the good ol trails of the Wissahickon. It was great to be back out there. My goal is to get out there as many time as I can before the Blues Cruise 50k in October. I was feeling great. We started out early so it was not too warm at first but it warmed up quickly so I was happy to be in the shade of the trees and hills. We ran just under 15 and I was happy with that. I am a little behind schedule according to the plan I am following but I am confident I will get there as long as I am consistent.

This was my first run in awhile wearing my Nathan Zeal Hydration Pack. I really do love this vest. The front left pocket fits my clementines perfectly and the front right pocket hold my phone since I do not currently need it for the 20 ounce bottle. This was my first time wearing the vest wearing only a tank top and I was happy to report it did not cause any chaffing. I stuck a few saltstick caps int he provided pill pocket which was very con…

S'more Bark for a pregnant friend!

One of my nearest and dearest friends is having a baby! I have known for several weeks but it is now public knowledge and I'm thrilled to be sharing the news! The day after I found out I had to go visit my girlfriend and feed her of course. That day she had her first Vietnamese tofu hoagie from Pho Street and she loved it!  I have a thing about wanting to feed and bake for pregnant friends. I sure its because I know how much I loved eating tasty treats while I was expecting.

Miranda came to our house for the Fourth of July and was disappointed I did not make my ever so easy cracker toffee for our guests. To make up for that let down I have made her what I am calling S'more Bark! S'more bark is exactly like cracker toffee but I use graham crackers instead of saltines and of course add mini marshmallows on top.

S'more Bark
Preheat oven to 350 F Line baking sheet with Tin foil Place single layer of graham crackers on top of tinfoil  In small pan melt 1 cup butter with  1 c…

Sleep running

This Saturday night my husband and I are signed up to run the Midnight Madness Run in Philadelphia, PA. I am excited to run this event because we will be jumping in to help light up the night a bit for the IN 24 Ultra Run that is going on that same day. I wonder how my body is going to preform at midnight. I have only really ran at night once before.

I am such a creature of habit. I typically run during my lunch hour at work or early in the morning on the weekends. Last week I was not able to run during lunch so I ran after dinner and that was not my best idea. My stomach did not appreciate the change. I'm going to try and do things exactly the way I would if this was a morning run.

I get up two hours before I have to leave the house. Eat my overnight oat drink lots of water and then head to the race. We have dinner plans and my sister in laws and after dinner she is going to keep our daughter so we can get some rest before the race. Its great to have support from people in your f…

Fresh Foam Zante Review

I purchased the Fresh Foam Zante shoe from the New Balance store in Center City last week. I ran in them for 5 miles on Friday and I was not immediately in love with them. I remember when I got my first pair of the Fresh Foam 980 when they came out. I knew right away that I was going to buy another pair.

New Balance has made a bunch of changes to the Fresh Foams there are now the Fresh Foam Zante and the Fresh Foam Boracay. The salesperson told me the Zante are more of a running exclusive shoe and the Boracay are all inclusive fitness type show. When I first saw the new exterior I was happy with the detailing near the toe because it looks like I wont have an issue with my big toe nail popping out like I have on my other two Fresh Foam 980s. However that very detailing drove me nuts around mile 4 of my first time running in them. I could feel it rubbing across the top of my toe nails. I tried re-lacing the tops holes of the shoes to get some relief.

When I went to try these on I asked …

Staying Smart in the Heat

Yesterday when I was out for my lunch run it was hot! I knew it was going to be a hot one so I wore a light colored light fabric tank top. I think this really saved me. Another thing that saved me was the water fountain. I know many people myself included do not run with water unless its going to be a long run. Along the path I typically run at work there are plenty of fountains and I am grateful for them.

When it is hot you sweat more which means you need to drink more! Drink more before you run drink more during your run and drink more after your run. Do not get discouraged with having to stop for a few second at the water fountain to have a few sips you are doing your body a huge favor.

Dress for the weather. Wear moisture wicking materials in all season to pull sweat away from your body. Wear light colored clothes in the summer. Yes I know black is slimming but so is exercise so put on a white or light colored tech style shirt and head out for your fun run in the sun.

One thing I …

What's next?

I love to keep busy. I have said before I love training and following schedules. Right now Im not exactly sure what is next and its sort of haunting me. There is a 50K that I am thinking of signing up for but I don't know if it will conflict with the trip to Arizona that we are trying to plan. I have signed up for the Midnight Madness Event that is happening in a few weeks but considering its so close and its 8 miles long I do not really need to train much for it.

What I'm doing now is just sticking with running 5 times a week as if I were in a training plan. Focusing on having my longer runs on the weekends when I have more time. I'm feeling really great physically. I am continuing to do the IT Band Exercises every other day now instead of every day. I need to get back on track with my core routine. I feel like I really need motivation for core work. I have tried to recruit my husband to work with me and that never lasts long.

After work on Friday we took a nice run. We r…