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What to do what to do!

As winter and the Holidays are quickly approaching I am trying to plan a bit of a break from my running. Im sure my idea of a running break is not the same as some others. I will still run 3 or 4 times a week but I will not really be running much more then 10 miles on my long run day. I think it is important to give our bodies a rest.

 I'm really hoping this will give me more time for my yoga practice. My girlfriend Faith is back from Spain and is teaching local classes again. I am so grateful. Yoga is such an awesome way to cross train and the emotional benefits I get from the practice is very similar to the emotional benefits I get from a long run.

I wanted to share a few picture from our kayak tour last week. My buddy Mike was kind enough to let us all get out on the river after work last Friday. We had a great time.

What our your fitness goals for the cooler seasons?