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Happy Holidays!!

If you are like me the Holidays mean cookies!! I ate right all year and trained hard and now I am letting my body rest and recover and I am enjoying many delicious baked good. So far this season I have made Snikerdoodles and Chocolate Chip Cookies. I always like trying new recipes but I have not finalized my selection yet so for now I will be posting a Gluten Free Chocolate Chip recipe.

So many of us either know someone who is gluten sensitive or are gluten sensitive ourselves so we need to share recipes that work for everyone. Disclaimer this recipe will not work for everyone because it is not nut free since I am using Almond Flour to make these cookies. My friends daughter is Gluten Sensitive so I started looking up recipes for her a couple of years ago. It really opened my eyes to learning more about gluten sensitivity.

Many recipes can very easily be made gluten free by replacing the flour. For this recipe I used Almond Flour but you can use any gluten free flour you choose. Also …