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First long run in months!

This week starts the week of Ragnar training so I need to start doing longer run on Saturdays. The goal for today's run was 9 miles. My destination was John Heinze wildlife refuge. From my front door it's about 1 mile to entrance, the loop is about 8 so that would get me my nine plus a cool down walk. I obviously wasn't in the right frame of mind when I made this decision because the entrie trail was covered in snow and ice. A person with a sound mind would have probably turned back and ran home and then ran the streets near their house. I am certainly not that person instead I kept on running on snow and ice covered trails and actually didn't fall or twist an ankle! I was however sane enough to run out of the park when I got to the other side rather than heading around the loop back towards home. I just didn't have it in me to keep at it on the snow and ice. I'm happy I stuck it out and completed the run. 
         I'm grateful that the sun was shining and …

what not to wear

Considering that it is well into the heart of winter here is Southeastern, PA, I decided to make a post about what to wear while running. This past Saturday I was blessed to be able to participate in the 2nd of the Winter Pickle Series hosted by Runtheday at Ridley Creek State Park. The race began at 10 AM and it was about 12 degrees. I thought I was prepared for this event by wearing my cold weather running pants and my warm Nike Pro combat shirt paired with a New Balance wind breaker a Buff to cover my face and my classic black hat with the Beatles Patch. I also was wearing nike running gloves and my Brooke's Pure flow Twos. I bet you are thinking ok it sounds like this girl is prepared but I made a huge mistake that day; I was wearing the wrong socks. I was wearing some generic colorful socks that I wear on any giving day and in fact I am wearing a pair now. My feet were freezing and my ankles were almost as equally cold. The thing I find even more strange is that my right foo…

Run run runner!

So here it goes my very first blog post. I find today be a fitting first day to be a blogger. I signed up for my very first Ragnar relay. If you are a runner and have not yet heard about Ragnar Trail I implore you to give them a google search by click the link above. The event we signed up for is at the end of June so the training starts now! I really have a hard time explaining my passion for running to people who do not have passions if that makes any sense. I feel so thrilled about taking this next step in my running hobby. This will be my very first ultra event. I will be using this blog to track my fitness progress as well as my eating habits to note what does and does not work. I will be baking and cooking with as many real food ingredients as I possibly can because I have found that is what my body desires. Please follow me along my way and share your fitness goals and nutrition secrets.