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Refeed week!

I have declared this week refeed week. I have been letting myself eat whatever I want. I have also not been out for a run since Sunday. I am feeling the effects each morning when I try to wake up and just want to stay in bed. I could also be feeling this way from the cold I am fighting, but I choose to blame it on the increased amount of refined sugar in my diet over the past week. If you are not familiar with the idea of refeeding its a term used by weight lifters and body builder that are trying to burn fat. They use refeeding as a way to spike their metabolism. I am not trying to do that. All I am doing is trying to recover from a race and allow myself to eat some foods that I would not eat when  in training. It has been a good time so far but I am really starting to miss running.  Im planning to go for a long run tomorrow after work and then follow that up with some ice cream! After the weekend I will start training for my next event/adventure.

I was able to get in a really nice hour long yoga session on Monday here at the office. If all goes well I will try and get in some Pilates or yoga tonight after my daughter's Dance Camp is done. I want to make sure that I get in more cross training. Its hard for me to get in much cross training because whenever I have time to workout I want to run. My family recently joined the local YMCA so I'm thinking the classes there may be just the thing I need, plus there is a pool. Swimming is a great way to cross train. I am not a very strong swimmer and was thinking about maybe even getting lessons so I can learn different swimming styles. Do not get any ideas I do not see triathlons in my future I am just looking for ways to get more cross training in.

This week has been filled with many yummy treats. I am eager to see how my run goes tomorrow after eating the way I did. As nuts as it may sound I am looking forward to getting back in the groove of a new training program and back to eating healthy. To me that just means the refeed week has done its job. I got most of my cravings out of the way so hopefully they will stop talking to me like they were. Also Im hoping to remember how tired and groggy eating all this sugar has made me.

Places I have ate at this week:

Maria's Prime Time Bakery
Philly Flavors
Farmer's Keep
Day By Day
Daddy Cooks


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