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Recovery Exercises for Runners with IT Band injury

I have been running with an IT band injury for several weeks now. I took one week off and that didnt seem to really help so I have been doing research online on the best methods to rehab the injury while continuing to run. I am not 100% healed yet but I wanted to share these exercises with you that seem to really be helping. This routine is by Jason Fitzgerald and it even includes a video to show you how to do each exercise.

You will need a thera-band or other type of workout resistance band to perform 3 of these exercises. I have been using the lightest band I have and then I will work my way up to the stronger band. The workout is a total of 7 different exercises. It doesn't ever take me more then 10 minutes to complete the entire workout and I really feel that it is strengthening my IT Band. Be sure to complete each exercise on each leg. It's very common for IT Band pain to only occur on one side of the bottom but it is very import to strengthen both sides.  I'm feeling stronger each day and I hope that this pain does not flair up again in West Virginia next week.

Lateral Leg Raises
20 reps each side

Clam Shells
20 reps each side

Hip Bridge
20 reps each side

20 reps each leg

Pistol Squats
10 on each leg (these are very hard)

Hip Hikes
20 each hip

Iron Cross
30 - alternate legs

For additional information please visit the link above to see Jason Fitzgerald's article and video. 


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